Milan Fall 2016 Trends

Milan Fall 2016 Trends

Milan is a fashion show that highlights the latest styles and creations from a multiple designers around the world. The designs showcase the latest trends in fashion. Here are some latest Milan fall 2016 trends:

  • Stripes

Using colourful stripes in sweaters, dresses, jackets, and blouses is the latest trend. These stripes may be broad or narrow and can be in contrasting or coordinated colors. You will also see stripes on one piece matched with a different stripe pattern in the same outfit.

  • The lipstick

Using a dark red lipstick seems to be what is trendy this year. Another twist to dark red is outlining the lips in a dark brown. This may not be a style that will be popular with everyone, but the young are more willing to be adventurous.

  • Use the knitting scarf

For the winter season, adding a knitting scarf to accent a sweater is the latest trend. These scarves can be added to enhance the look of long coats or jackets.

  • Clothes that accent the waist

For a long time, designers have been making featuring hipster pants and skirts. This coming year, you will see slacks and skirts that accent the waist. Blouses will be tucked in at the waist and slacks and dresses will have belts at the waist.

  • Other accessories

Other accessories featured this fall are bags that are not coordinated with the color of the outfit. Large bags with over-the-shoulder straps are still in fashion.

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